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Our annual campaign to ensure children are properly dressed for success during the school year! Here in Chicago and surrounding areas, most school districts have established specific uniform requirements and/or strict dress codes. This has multiple benefits including but not limited to; bullying prevention, minimized distractions, and the ability to readily identify children in the event of emergencies. Most parents are relieved and happily oblige for the reasons listed above, and the relief from the financial strain of back to school shopping in the absence of uniform policy.


Conquering The Cold 

Our annual campaign which provides children with coats, boots, hats, gloves, socks and other needs essential for battling the Chicago winter! Chicago winters can be brutal, and unfortunately fatal if not properly protected and prepared. Schools in Chicago's most under-served communities are plagued with chronic absenteeism during the winter months. This is due largely in part to them not being equipped to brave the cold and report to school. Our campaign aims to eliminate this obstacle for as many children as possible, and get them in class ready to learn! This campaign begins September 15th and runs through December 31st.



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